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Hoob Go On Gold

$ 219
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Start Series Hookah made of stainless steel and special durable coating.
Hoob Go On Gold is the perfect choice if you just start being interested in hookah art & culture and wants to be unique.

  • No Plastic Used
  • Fixed Charcoal Tray
  • Optionally Adjustable Air Flow
  • Magnetic Hose Port
  • Comfortable and Easy to Use and Service

Hoob Go On Gold is developed as universal durable hookah for those who just start being interested in hookah art & culture and wants to be special.
This hookah has a laconic and elaborate design for work under the harshest conditions.
Optionally adjustable air flow, fixed charcoal tray, stainless steel body with a special durable coating, magnetic hose port - all these characteristics made Hoob Go On Gold one of the best starter kit hookahs.
Hoob Go On Gold shows you how technologies and experience can bring hookah experience to the new level of pleasure and comfort.

No harmful coverings or any materials that can cause you damage. We care about your health and environment, that is why we use only clean materials and no paint.

Each hookah passes quality control before it goes to the customer, so we can offer you the finest quality hookahs on the market.

Hoob Go On Gold Specifications

Ultra durable stainless steel hookah stem for professional and home use.

  • Perfect Starter Kit;
  • Height: 49cm;
  • Downstem: Ø13mm;
  • Hose Connectors: Ø10mm;
  • Fixed Stainless Charcoal Tray;
  • Magnetic Hose Port;
  • Air Valve;
  • Optionally Adjustable Diffusor;
  • Grommet Connection to Base;
  • Grommet Kit;

Gold covering may be damaged by juice of orange, pineapple or other fruits that can be used as a tobacco bowl!

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