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Hoob Navi S

$ 599
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Hoob Navi with all original accessories in one set

Hookah Kit. All you need is to burn charcoal and get some shisha tobacco. Everything else is included in this set. All Accessories designed specially for Hoob hookahs. Extraordinary modern minimalistic design and perfect shisha sessions.

  • Extraordinary Futuristic Design
  • Hookah For Innovators
  • Unique Hookah Technologies
  • Health Safe Materials
  • Comfort and Easy-to-use

One of the most revolutionary hookahs ever made. The modern minimalistic design and non-standard forms of the hookah make it truly unique and can be used for different purposes. Quality materials, specially selected to provide a maximum service life of a hookah, as well as to emphasize the modern look.
Hoob hookahs do not use paint or other harmful coatings which, when heated, can cause harm to human health.
The unique stem-to-base connecting system HOOB MAGNETIC LOCK connection of the hose to the hookah, shockproof base with a wide neck for fruit cocktail and serviceability.
Only the latest technology, high-quality approach to manufacturing and attention to every detail makes HOOB hookahs some of the best on the market.

Hoob Navi S Kit includes:

  • Hoob Navi body kit;
  • Space Grey Silicone hose;
  • SMPL handle;
  • Submersible LED-Lights with Remote Control;
  • Hoob Mini Bag | For Compact Hookahs;
  • Futurist Bowl | Square Phunnel Clay Bowl;
  • Hoob Pyro Futurist 2.0| Heat Managment Device;
  • Charcoal Tongs;
  • Color Mix Hookah Mouth Tips | 100 pcs;

Hoob Navi S Specifications:

Anodized Aluminum hookah stem with stainless steel downstem pipe and acrylic water tank.

  • Hoob Magnetic Lock® Connection
  • Magnetic Hose Ports
  • Shockproof Organic Glass Base;
  • Height: 30cm;
  • Downstem: Ø13mm;
  • Hose Connectors: Ø10mm;
  • Double Purge System
  • Up to 2 Hoses Connected
  • Stainless Steel Charcoal Tray;
  • Adjustable Diffusor;

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