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About us

Deep SPACE unique hookah blend - breaks the stereotypes that hookah is harmful. A unique Russian development proves that hookah culture can do without tobacco and nicotine!

Deep SPACE unique hookah blend - a new philosophy of hookah culture. In its products, the brand uses only fresh harvests of Chinese teas, and the proven technology allows for impressive performance.

Deep SPACE unique hookah blend is a popular and completely affordable brand. Since tobacco and nicotine are not used in the brand’s products, a pack of the mixture has a lower retail price compared to competitors.

Deep SPACE unique hookah blend - an interesting experience for gourmets and those who do not smoke regular cigarettes.

1. Space Tea Hookah is an international lounge network founded in 2017. We deliver products and services to Germany, Montenegro, Italy and Russia.

2. Space hookah provides a unique hookah experience. The high quality of our product guarantees customer satisfaction in a friendly and comfortable "puffing" atmosphere.

• With our customers:

During the process of smoking hookah, the room is filled with a pleasant aroma, while the customers can enjoy a pleasant taste without the sideeffects of nicotine or tobacco smoke. Smoking hookah is popular among people of all ages and as a rule, is a good social experience. It is often praised for it's quiet and cultural atmosphere.

• With our partners and distributors:

The high quality of our product and service guarantees an increase in revenue. Based on our experience in Europe, with the addition of hookah service to the menu teh food and beverage sales increase by 30 %.

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